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  Lecture 8: Can I Make the Perfect Career Plan?

While having the perfect career plan sounds like the best darned thing in the world, the reality is that life is full of uncertainties.

You will experience events and circumstances that will impact your plan throughout your entire life:

  • Your needs and wants will change. (example: Think about how having kids will change your life. What will be more important then? Making money to party or to make sure you can put food on the table?)
  • Your interests, passion and hobbies will change too. (example: I grew up playing hours and hours of Pokemon thinking I was going to be a Pokemon Trainer. Now that I grew up I know this won't pay the bills. I can only be a Pokemon Trainer part-time.)
  • The economy and technology will change. (example: Driverless cars may soon make most driving professions irrelevant.)
  • Life will present you with new opportunities you never expected. (example: I always enjoyed public speaking but never thought I would get paid to do that. After I created Road to Employment schools hired me to come speak to their students. I never planned on this to happen.)

All of this probably sounds very stressful. But there's good news!

You don't need a perfect career plan!

Because LIFE happens to EVERYONE. Celebrities, CEO's and even your mom. No one is immune to unexpected life changes.

Hear Apple CEO Tim Cook talk about his 25 YEAR CAREER PLAN. Guess how that went.

So take a breath and as you exhale release some of that pressure you feel about having to have your whole life planned out.

Many people believe that making the “perfect” career plan is the best and only way to guarantee that you will achieve what you want to accomplish in life and become successful. This is not true. In your career you will experience many different jobs and will find many paths to success.

In the next lecture we will discuss how the nature of work and the job market are changing.