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  Lecture 4: How Do I Make the Most of This Course?

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3 Keys to Success

There are 3 things you should be aware of as you go through this course:

1) The most important information will be presented in each lecture via Video or Article.

Each section will feature an exclusive course video that explains the most crucial things you need to know and a series of articles to build on those topics.

2) Each lecture will also include additional resources to blow your mind if you want to know more!

These resources will complement your experience with the lecture and give you a deeper understanding of the topics. You will see resources like: downloadable PDFs, handouts and links to external websites/articles/videos.

3) Engage in conversation and keep an eye out for CHALLENGES.

Throughout the course you will come across "CHALLENGES" and "What Do You Think?" exercises. Challenges are activities to turn what you read/watched into something actionable that you can use in real life to help you find a job you'll love! What Do You Think exercises are opportunities to start a conversation with your online classmates.

Engaging in these exercises will greatly impact your success in the course!


Like any project that you undertake, you get back what you put in. This course is designed for you to think hard, step outside your comfort zone (and sometimes your house) to take action.

We’re not here to ensure that you complete the challenges. It's up to you. Like Neo from The Matrix, you are in control of your destiny and how you shape it.

"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

How Do I Get My Questions Answered?

Very easily! Just post your question in the “Comments” section at the bottom of every lecture. We will do our best to respond to all questions, or find an industry leader or resource that can!

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Send Us Your Feedback :)

We are always looking for ways to make this course better so we are relying on your feedback to understand how we can do this. Send us your questions, thoughts and stories of success. We will be very happy to hear from you!